Prouille FC News - 5th April 2014

Hi Footy Fans,

The rain did hold off and the teams hit the field for the first round of the season - lots of energy and excitement with some wins and some losses. A big thank you to the coaches and managers - the first couple of weeks are always the most difficult.  

As we progress through to Easter don't forget that when you are cheering from the sidelines:  
* Call out a name and a short comment - if you are constantly shouting all they hear is one big blah blah blah noise;  

* Keep it positive and constructive - it is about the kids having fun and building a passion for life;  

* Lay off the referee - it is a thankless task and your derision will not change his or her decision (and yes, I have spotted the irony);  
Just a quick heads-up that the Fitzgeralds are running a sausage sizzle (gold coin donation) for the Prouille Dad's games, which will be down at George Christie from 1pm Saturday. Bring the kids and enjoy the afternoon (a great excuse to get out in the autumn sunshine).  

See you on the paddock.  


Michael Trinder        

President, Prouille FC  Mo: 0406 753 029, President@prouillesoccer.com.au        

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