Prouille FC News - 10th October 2014

Prouille Footballers  

Fun, food, and frivolity for the whole family this coming Sunday October 12th with the annual Presentation Day and Parish Picnic at Holy Name Church. The gathering will kick off at 10.30am following the 9.15am mass.  

Coaches and managers, this is when you need to return your kit – Silvio Sella will be collecting them on the day. In preparation please check your balls and ditch any that won’t hold air. Ensure that the rest of your equipment is in good working order, and please make a list of all remaining items to speed the process. Bibs and keepers jerseys should washed and dry.  

** Managers  - Jamie Hill will be collecting the shirts so please seek her out.  

It will be a great day so bring all the kiddies and settle in for a wonderful picnic - the presentation ceremonies will begin after 12noon.  

In the mean time don’t stress, we’ll be back on the field before you know it.  

Michael Trinder, President, Prouille FC Mo: 0406 753 029  
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