Prouille FC News - 1st March 2015

Dear Prouille Footballing Family 

Our Orientation and Grading Day went ahead last Sunday despite the odd shower - parents got to meet each other and the kids got to have a run around! A big thank you to the coaching team for their efforts and to Alto for our new marquee - it had a very busy day. 

For the parents, don't forget: 
* Play nicely with others (Prouille FC Code of Conduct available if you need to have any ambiguity clarified); 
* Learn the rules and put your hand up to referee (so that the coaches are free to coach - drop me an email if you want a summary of the rules); 
* Keep your kid's footballing experience as positive as possible - even if you have to fake it; 
* Get involved - it is an investment in your children; 

Next Sunday (8th March) we have the Coaches and Managers Session at Carrington from 10am - bring your boots. 

In the mean time - if you or your partner are over 35 and need to stretch your legs more often (or need to meet some Prouille Dads, or have an afternoon out of the house with the kids each Saturday, or need to shed a few kilos but hate going to the gym…) then get in contact with Andrew McCallum (amccallum011@gmail.com) and come for a kick around. 

** Accelerated Skills Development Programme ** if you want to sign up, please drop an email to Steve at HeadCoach@prouillesoccer.com.au. 

Yours in Football 

Michael Trinder 
President, Prouille FC 
Mo: 0406 753 029, President@prouillesoccer.com.au 
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