Prouille Football Club was established in 1965, and affiliated with KDSA that year. The purpose of the club was to provide junior soccer for the the students of Prouille School- based in Wahroonga, Sydney. Not much is known or recorded about the first 25 years of the club, outside of KDSA records- so if you wish to provide some information - please email prouille.footballclub@gmail.com  

President George Zoratto  

In this period the club developed from being a small school club, to a progressive well financed club. George was a football enthusiast- who focussed on coaching and improving playing standards. At the same time with the Support of Sony Music - new uniforms and equipment were purchased. A stable committee led to the club being incorporated in 1995, led by Treasurer Mary Schneider (deceased).  

In 1997 Club secretary Chris Goldrick established a Prouille O35 team- that was based mainly on school fathers. Despite losing their first few games- the team "Prouille City" went on to win the Div 2 Grand Final beating North Sydney with a winning goal from Phil Thomson.  

The spirit at the Club was very good with some excellent dinner dances, and a hard working team that produced the weekly Newsletter "Soccer Shots"- which was eagerly anticipated by parents and kids alike.  

Later in this period the uniform was changed- from the famous "flame shirts and brown shorts" to a smart yellow and black ensemble. A Second O35 team "United" was formed in '98, followed by a third team "Celtic" in '99. The club has put out 3  O35+ teams ever since.  

President Peter Von Sperl  

2001 saw Prouille take out the KDSA "Club Championship" - a massive achievement. A number of bigger clubs in the area were not happy ! The reason we won was due to some excellent junior results, and Prouille City and Prouille Celtic winning their Premierships in O35s. 

President Gavin Andrew  

The Club continued to flourish with the club led by the Andrew family, and such stalwarts as Carl David,  the Klingbergs and the Fone Family. More Premierships were won - and some great social functions - led by BBQ king Keith Fone took place. Soccer Shots continued to be edited and distributed, mainly due to the work of John Klingberg and Jane Andrew.  

President Chris Goldrick  

Chris returned to the club Committee after a number of years serving on the KDSA All Age Committee. In this period All Age football continued to grow. A Prouille O30s Womens team was established by Pauline Luttrell mainly Prouille mums .With inspirational coaching from Ali Reza Ehsani - the womens team made the semis 3 years running. At the same time some men who had played as juniors for Prouille put together an AA team- that also performed well. This team was led by Chris David.  

In the digitized era producing a weekly newsletter got harder - so "Soccer Shots" was replaced by a club website- including an on- line rego system initiated by Club Registrar Silvio Sella. New black and Gold uniforms were purchased with support from Hunter Hyundai (Alan Crouch), Northpoint Motorbody Repairs (Craig Willis), and Krslovic Homes (Robert Krslovic). The latest Premiership was won in 2007 by the U10s coached by Greg Wade.  

The O35s were joined by an O45 team in 2008- led by Reza and the legendary John Kassis. John continued to entertain everyone with his "United Review" at every season ending dinner.  

In juniors, changes in the Australian football landscape following the 2006 world Cup- led to the FFA, A League and locally leadership changes at the KDSA. Notably Small Sided Games were introduced, progressively through the age groups from 2008 onwards.  

President Michael Trinder  

Michael Trinder has now become the second longest serving President after George Zoratto. We don't know much about before George's time Reluctant at first, Michael put his success down to his "delegating' skills. There are too many to mention by name- but recognition must go to Silvio Sella (Registrar), Stephanie Recchia (Secretary), Anthony Ryan (Treasurer), Steve Szafranek (Club Coach) for their great work (and many others) Sponsors were critical to the growth and support of the club- so in addition to Northpoint (Craig Willis) the support of Alto was much welcome. In the last few years number of players increased- with a girls U12 team, continued success for the Womens O35 team and Mens football entering its 18th year. There is a chance of an AA team playing under Prouille colours for the second time in club history. 2014 is another world cup year- with Australia qualified- and another year of progress for Prouille FC.  

President Piers Graham

After 2 years as VP, Piers Graham stepped up to take off where Michael Trinder left. With the committee of Eddie Lee (VP), Katrina Nicholson (Secretary), Pat Burton (Registrar), Silvio Sella (gear Steward) and Mark Floresta (Treasurer), Piers wasted no time in promoting the club and game within the community. Within 1 year we saw our Men’s team grow to unprecedented 4 teams. Plus, the women’s team made the count 5 adult teams in the NSFA. Whilst bigger clubs struggled to retain numbers Prouille remained a club with strength and depth. Taking out the Men’s 045’s 2nd division competition in 2016. The Junior teams enjoyed fantastic seasons thanks to the continuing support of Alto Motor Group, Northpoint body smash repairs and That Barber shop in Wahroonga. Along with our ongoing sponsorship and new fund-raising initiatives, the club kept building funds remaining in a robust financial position. Sadly, early in 2017 we lost a valued member of the Prouille coaching staff.  This led to the introduction of the Brent Kelly memorial shield, that began recognising the clubs best and fairest junior player in Brent’s memory. With NSFA, becoming ever more professional in its approach and 2019 being a world cup year Prouille is set for exciting times ahead.

President Eddy Lee

Taking the baton from Piers, Eddy Lee assumed the presidency in the early days of December 2017. A combination of old and new faces emerged in the 2018 Executive Committee: Alex Gibbs (Vice President),  Penny Webb (Secretary), Katharina Nicholson (Registrar) and Mark Floresta (Treasurer). With new initiatives and media savvy prowness, Eddy and team continue the Prouille FC grand tradition and march on...